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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Life's Essentials

We drive up to Scarborough today for the Tour de Yorkshire and pop in to see an ex-colleague of L's for a quick coffee on the way. She's in Horbury, just off the M1 J39.

L has offered a decent compensation package, for this little diversion and also for one on the way back to the hospital to see her brother, which involves two of life's three essentials. Not a bad deal and I didn’t even try to negotiate.

While we are there, munching on cake, the car nearly gets raided by the RSPCA after a goody two-shoes neighbour threatens to call them because Doggo is looking a bit distressed in the back of the car. That is actually his natural look and we had only just put all the windows up ten minutes earlier to prevent him being stoned to death by a passing hail storm.

We are camping in the North Bay area of Scarborough on a Caravan and Camping Club site which is less than a mile from Sunday's start line.

I eat a rather large pre-event curry (third essential ticked) at The Ivanhoe pub accompanied of a couple of Yorkshire Blondes (pints).

Today has been stage two of the three stage race but also the one day Women’s Tour de Yorkshire which has been heralded as a ground breaking event on the same 136km course as the men. One thing is different, the sponsors. You don’t often see the Aunt Bessie’s Queen of the Sprint Jersey or the Mug Shot’s Queen of the Mountain Jersey.

Sadly the plane, which assembles all the motorbike and helicopter footage, suffered a significant mechanical failure and no one got to see it. 

(Saturday 30th April)

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