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Wednesday 6 April 2016

Forced Feeding

Back on the bike today and it was a bit grim, very grim in fact and wet but the legs are fine which is the main thing.

Doggo’s hunger strike is over and he no longer has to be force fed, that is until the next time.

L has a friend who is about to start a blog, so L told her about mine. Well that’s about doubled the readership.

L’s ankle, which she had hoped to break on holiday but didn’t, which she then announced as ‘great’ after a week in a ski boot and promptly cancelled her physio appointment has now relapsed a touch after she went out for a training run. Oh dear. She’s rebooked for tomorrow.

Bizarrely after this morning’s total grimness it’s a really sunny ride home. 

Tonight it’s dogging, if I can get my overweight dog over the hurdles and then afterwards I meet L in Masons for some more vital body flushing.

(Wednesday 6th April)

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