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Tuesday 12 April 2016

A Bit Of Table

I collect L’s Derby 10k race number and t-shirt from the stadium. I think the t-shirt is exactly the same as last year’s design but in charcoal grey. How practical, it matches the dog and won’t show the hairs or the mud.

After work I do a short brick session in the gym before heading home to put something hot on the table for L when she returns from her literary evening and to prevent Doggo licking it. He does like a bit of table.

Talking of literary evenings, L has just arranged a naughty night out with an author e.g. it’ll be wine, cake and books. She says I’ll have to send her out handcuffed. Hmmm, an intriguing thought. It would certainly cause a stir. She should never jest about such things.

(Tuesday 12th April)

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