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Thursday 28 April 2016

The Ambience Of The Evening

The other day I was on about Nottingham having a separate Marathon and Birmingham have just announced that they will have one next year for the first time since 1985. It will be a separate race albeit on the same day as the existing half but in the morning with the half moving to the afternoon. It is being organised by Great Run as part of their new British Marathon Series which will see two other new UK marathons created. Could be a good one for my marathon d├ębut.
There’s always one of us in for physio, today its L’s turn. She been told not to run before the 12th May which is when her next appointment is. So, at her request, I charge her bike lights. This implies that she might be cycling and I guess needs must. What with Beat the Streets and all that. She does like a challenge.

There is no squash this week as there are no courts available. So I go to the gym instead. The velodrome now has a row of Watt Bikes outside the gym facing the track. So now you can watch the track cycling as you pedal statically but unfortunately now you have your back to the girls on the treadmills so you can’t watch them. Suppose you can’t have everything.

Yesterday was my birthday, today is MD's. He gets offered sausages, I didn’t. Not that I wanted some but it’s nice to be asked. In any case, I’m sure MD would have preferred to have a Chinese takeaway delivered. he likes the whole ambience of the evening. A bit of football, a bark at the delivery man, prawn crackers etc but we disappoint him by not ordering out. 

(Thursday 28th April)

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