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Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Big Undertaking

In the car today, so that I can take in a haircut while inadvertently saving the legs for squash later.

L has started reading my blog again from the beginning which is almost as big an undertaking as her bible project. This is mainly to fill in the blanks in her running history but it's also throwing up plenty of things I don't even remember doing.

We track down one of the missing dates which was the Seaton FootpathsRun in Devon in 2009 which was changed from a Beer Festival to a Running Festival the moment I decided to enter. We did it with both dogs, which must have meant a very young MD, and L did it on one leg because she was injured. So some things don’t change.
It’s back to normal at squash, e.g. I lose heavily. Saving the legs didn’t help and I actually think I play better after I've cycled.

(Thursday 21st April)

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