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Thursday 7 April 2016

Injuries With Benefits

It’s bloody windy on the bike this morning, constantly in my face all the way. My legs have disowned me.

L comes back from physio requesting golf balls. I don’t think we have any but I’m sure we could get hold of some, what with having a golf club at the end of the road. Massage with a golf ball just sounds evil.

In contrast to her previous physio, this one has been banned her from running. L's only got two half marathons, two 10Ks, a triathlon, the Tour de Yorkshire and a 24-hour endurance race booked and paid for. Which, obviously, she’ll now try and do without the physio noticing. Although I’m sure they’ve dealt with people who have been trying to hide a heavier schedule than that.

She is still undecided on Sheffield but says she won't run tonight, won't do a Parkrun on Saturday and do I fancy a lie-in instead? Now we're talking. Injuries do have their benefits.

I’d almost promised MD a parkrun but I’m sure he’d go with the flow and I’m not sure a pre-Sheffield parkrun would do me any good anyway. I’m uninjured at the moment although I intend to try some sort of gentle run tomorrow which could change that.

Rather than Kettlebells, L walks MD up to squash while I take Doggo in the car. Our first squash game since early January is a pleasant surprise in that I win 3-2 and win quite easily. 

(Thursday 7th April)

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