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Saturday 16 April 2016

Race Taboo

L and I both run the Parkrun which was formerly at Darley Park which is now at Markeaton Park but is still known as Darley Park Parkrun. If you follow. A friend of L’s comes down to run as well and I bump into someone from the dog club who is also running, as is her dog but not with her.

Her dog has bagged himself a faster pilot who wins the Ladies race (not that parkrun is a race obviously even though it is) and beats us into second in the dogs race. MD doesn’t look bothered, well not as bothered as me anyway.

Someone runs in tomorrow's Derby 10k t-shirt. Its supposedly bad form and tempting fate to run in the actual race wearing the race t-shirt before you’ve earned the shirt although the amount of people breaking this taboo these days is growing. I'm not at all sure what the etiquette guide says about racing in it the day before.

Derby win at Charlton and we stay in to get L prepped for tomorrow’s race.

(Saturday 16th April)

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