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Sunday 24 April 2016

A Bit Rusty

The boys and I are at Lincoln dog show, which will be our first outdoor show of the year and our first anywhere since February. It shows.

MD jumps off the dog walk in the Adams Derby, which means that he doesn’t get to do the jumping part of this two part competition. Then it’s his handler that is useless in the Jumping Cup but somehow we get round clear but just out of time. On run three he aborts the weaves. I think we are both a bit rusty.

Then we redeem ourselves by going clear on the first run after lunch. Despite going into the early lead we are told that we are again over the course time and out of time. Surely not? That was almost paw perfect. So we could win but it wouldn’t count towards us getting promoted.

Then later they add eight seconds to the course time but by then our time has been beaten and we finish 6th. Which is still not bad. We are then eliminated on our final run of the day. 

(Sunday 24th April)

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