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Monday 25 April 2016

A Wasted Journey

Talking to someone at work who went to the London Marathon yesterday, it appears that supporting someone in the race is not what it was. You can now get an App that tells you where your favourite person is all the time making seeing them at various points much easier. So painstakingly photocopying the A-Z of London, marking the course on it and then computing all the best tube routes from point to point is perhaps a thing of the past.

The weather has been iffy all day and there is a dogging pitch inspection scheduled for 5:30. Much to my surprise it is given the go ahead but is then cancelled as I drive there amid a massive downpour. I turn around and head back home, in all a forty minute wasted journey that could have been spent in the swimming pool. Swimming is something I need to restart with Leeds Tri coming up in June.

Too late for that now, so I keep the already confused boys in the car and then confuse them even more by heading off to Hargate. This is where we normally go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday but some of our Tuesday sessions have been moved to Mondays to accommodate the owners dressage competitions.

I even get an 8pm session so I’m not home too late. 

(Monday 25th April)

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