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Friday 29 April 2016

Cake May Be The Answer

I meet my brother for lunch and as he’s another one who’s not into walking anywhere he drives us to Five Lamps, which makes a change at least, because the Brunswick is a nightmare to park at. Sadly the beers were all pale apart from a rather tempting 5.2% Porter but I didn’t indulge, despite my 50 dark beers in a year pledge. I had their house beer from Derby Brewery instead.

L skips the gym and heads home to bake, cake is the answer apparently. Not sure what the question is?

I run after work with the intention of building on the seven miles I did last Friday but I have to abort after my calf goes tight during my warm up. Not good. I get the bus to Bramcote from where I attempt a light jog and then limp my way through six beat boxes doing Beat the Street instead. I bump into L and the dogs on the park, doing some sneaky beat boxing themselves. Although L mutters something about it not being safe being home alone with something chunky and chocolatey lurking in the bedroom. Ah, the giant Toblerone that stands watch in the corner, it was for Daughter but she asked us to save her from it and now I have to save L from it. 

(Friday 29th April)

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