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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Second-hand Experience

On the bike today and it’s a cold but exceedingly awesome ride. Even better news is that L swims and manages to get in and out of the pool like a normal person.

Pero the Sheepdog walks 240 miles home from Cumbria to Ceredigion, Mid Wales in 12 days. He may have thumbed a lift of course, I’m sure our two would have. It would have certainly took them longer to cover the distance on foot what with all the sniffing and weeing.

L's boss has joined Slimming World. Am I the only person left who hasn’t been to Slimming World? Although I suppose I do have plenty of second-hand experience of it.

L and her Ironwoman friend have been debating whether it's best to be trained but injured or undertrained. Now there’s a question, which I ponder as I strap my leg up and get ready for a wet ride home.

(Tuesday 26th April)

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