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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Beat The Street

My birthday gets off to an earlier than planned start with MD vomiting at the top of the stairs at 5:30am. It’s not all bad news though, once that’s cleaned up and with everyone now wide awake the birthday celebrations can get in to full swing earlier than planned. Then once the foreplay is out of the way it’s onto the bike for a cold but excellent ride into work.

There’s not a cake in sight for my birthday at work but then cakes aren’t really my thing. I have been to the pub though, which is a good way to start my 50th year and my quest to drink 50 different dark beers this year. Although I’ll probably have that done by the end of the summer. It's not off to a promising start with just a standard bitter today. Null points.

Yesterday’s ride home didn’t turn out to be as wet as I feared but tonight’s makes up for it in spades, or should that be in buckets. Once home, I have to strip everything off and steam myself dry while chuck balls of course but no one here to see it and thankfully the neighbours don't seem to be in either. 

L is out doing Beat the Street. She’s got me card too, so I hope to start beeping boxes as well before the end of the week.

I spend the evening of my birthday at dog class where there is also no cake and no beer either. 

(Wednesday 27th April)

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