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Friday 24 June 2016

A Good Day To Bury Bad News

Things don’t improve overnight and everyone wakes up to find out who really is running the country. The Daily Mail but then we probably already knew that. Everyone promptly starts house hunting in Scotland.

In contrast to the political situation, I have a good cycle into work. The roads are really quiet, possibly because everyone is too stunned to get out of bed or perhaps they don’t think there’s any point.

L swims and says it’s very morose in the changing rooms, it’s just the same at my work.

David Cameron steps down, figuring someone else can get us out of the mess he got us into in.Almost at the same time the long awaited Leeds Triathlon survey arrives. A good day to bury bad news as they say. With it comes a discount for next year. I’ll have to think about that one.

I get home and sneak up to the front door really quietly. Consequently I catch both dogs upstairs and fresh teeth marks on the gate. So it’s definitely MD pulling it open as Doggo has no teeth and not that level of cunning.

(Friday 24th June)

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