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Thursday, 16 June 2016


I start to get my kit together for cycling then it starts to rain again, so I abort and use the car instead. The bus is just too unreliable with early squash tonight. As the rain comes down heavier I know I’ve made the right decision. 

L stays at home with boys as I go to squash. It's glorious sunshine now which is perfect for kicking footballs but not for dogs sitting in cars. It doesn’t last long though and I get a text to say L is having to cuddle a quivering dog as it thunders while sipping HBC. The dog amazingly is MD and I assume it's her with HBC not the him.

The weather not only upsets MD but also upsets me by causing Sunday’s dog show to be cancelled. Instead I may sign for a track session if there’s any spaces, every rain cloud has a silver lining and all that or I could do a 10k. There’s one in Ripley with entry on the day.

Rather than being horrified that I might throw myself into a full-on 10k just because I survived a slow paced one at the end of the triathlon on Sunday, L is actually worried that I've actually stooped so low as to consider a 10K and thinks that’s a sign I’m either seriously injured or tired.

I can’t win, I was trying to be sensible and compromise.

(Thursday 16th June)

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