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Friday 3 June 2016

The Little Bear

After a slightly disappointing hotel breakfast we pack up our belongings and our hangovers to grab a local train over to Bruges. We arrive too early to check in at our second hotel, another Ibis, so we loiter in a café at Bruges station for a while.

As L moves on to her third cup of tea, I can’t face another coffee because I am still tripping out from the first two. So perhaps it’s time for the first beer of the day. They have a dark Corsendonk on tap so I go for that. Only once it’s been served and I’m taking my first few sips do I look at the menu and realise that it’s 10% ABV.

After finding our hotel we head out for a wander around and then to hang out outside a bar to wait for our friends. The second beer of the day is the local Brugse Zot. I have the brune and L has the blonde, both are a little on the dull side.

Our friends are staying outside Bruges, a safe distance away where they can park their posh car, and they get a taxi in. When they arrive we head off for something to eat and end up in probably the most expensive restaurant in Bruges. The food though is very good, both L and I have the same thing (how twee), garlic mushrooms with Flemish Stew to follow. Both are good but the Stew is excellent as is the Westmalle Dubbel we wash it down with.

After that it’s to the famous Brugs Beertje. Bruges's Little Bear was the first speciality ale house in Bruges when it opened in 1983 and to many it is still the best. We empty their cellar of quite a few bottles between the four of us.

(Friday 3rd June)

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