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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Something Approaching Normality

Back to something approaching normality this morning, L even manages to go for a swim despite spending ages trying to hand feed Doggo who is still refusing to eat.

She says she had an excellent swim. I’m sure I shall have a traumatic one later. Which it is, the pool is packed with quickies.

The race guide for the Leeds Triathlon is finally out, considering they had our money back in August I think you can say it’s took a while. It’s also 41 pages long and full of spelling mistakes, typos and information that contradicts the previously released FAQs. For saying this is a ITU World Triathlon Series event it’s a poor show but it does tell us that it will be a split transition event which means it’s even more vital that we get our heads around the complexities of all 41 pages. 

(Tuesday 7th June)

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