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Sunday 26 June 2016

We Have A Plan

The man at the bathroom place is amazed when L backs me up on every decision I made about the new bathroom. I did tell him that she might go for slightly darker tiles than the ones I’ve picked, and she does waver to the dark side a touch before picking the same as me. You see, we had a plan. Now if only those Brexit folk had made one.

After that we head off to Manchester where we take Daughter, whose birthday it was yesterday, out for meal. We go to the Worsley Old Hall where we have a very nice, if pricey meal, accompanied by number 50, Titanic Stout.

So it’s taken me precisely 60 days to chalk up the 50 dark ales that I challenged myself to do in my 50th year but I shall continue and try to see just how many I can do.

(Sunday 26th June)

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