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Thursday 9 June 2016

Grounds For Divorce

I again bike to work, so I’m really packing the training in this week. I suppose some would say it's a bit late.

The Triathlon organisers have now put up a shorten summary of their gargantuan Race Guide which has reduced their original waffle down from forty-one pages to just eight. Much better, well sort of.

It appears that registration is in the city centre near T2, so we need to go there first to register. Then we need to drive to the swim start at Roundhay Park for the practice swim which is 2pm-4pm and to set up T1 at Roundhay, which is open from 2pm-8pm. Then we have to drive all the way back to registration and set up T2 because this also doesn’t open until 2pm, so we can't do it on our first trip because we need to be at the swim at that time. I’m sure all will become clear on Saturday.

L comes home with a white toasting loaf under her arm which she admits is grounds for divorce. Predictably the bread turns out to be waxy, fake tasting and not particularly chunky. She doesn’t like it.

She’s tempted to chuck it out for the birds but then the dogs will eat it and get fat. Alternatively it’s so waxy she’s considering shoving it in a candle holder and trying to light it. Sounds like a plan.

(Thursday 9th June)

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