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Wednesday 1 June 2016

She Died Young But She Lived Fast

Autumn approaches and the weather is again miserable but somehow I dodge the showers as I take the bus to work.

L still hasn’t been paid and with the prospect of a direct debit catastrophe looming, I skim a chunk off our mortgage and send it to her account. I do occasionally have my uses.

Nottingham’s Junktion 7 is finally no more and is destined to become more student flats. Just what we need. The original, much loved and influential Junktion 7 opened back in 2002 and ran for over six years until closing on New Year's Eve in 2008. Many great bands played early live shows there. There have been attempts at resurrection since but it is best remembered for that short period. As their own tribute website says 'She died young, but she lived fast...'

Meanwhile the Bunkers Hill, which was influential in another way by being one of the first pubs in the area to support the microbreweries is becoming yet another pub specialising in burgers. Just what we need.

A pub lunch today and another dark one to add to the list, Voodoo Mild.

Then it’s dog training and the Mason afterwards where, given the weather, there's the inappropriately named Otter Spring on the bar, which is so not dark.

(Wednesday 1st June)

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