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Thursday 30 June 2016

It Just Gets Better...

It just gets better...

So David Cameron does a runner after his referendum goes impressively tits up and the country quickly anoints his successor PM Boris the Great or perhaps not. Today Boris Johnson does a runner too as he announces that he’s pulled out of the leadership race after his partner in crime Michael Gove announced he would stand against him. So just who is going to clear up this mess? Nobody in their right minds who vote for Gove surely?

As I keep telling L, it’s all just politics and probably nobody is really saying what they mean. What we all need is a book on it all. In fact Boris is probably saying exactly the same thing and will be off to Waterstones as we speak.

L picks me up from work, having apparently spent most of the day typing up her Brexit inspired memoirs, and we head off for a long weekend dogging in the Lakes.

The dog show is at the Westmoreland Showground near Milnthorpe and after quickly pitching the tent, whilst dodging the rain showers, we head off into Milnthorpe and have a few drinks in the Cross Keys. Sadly the six ales on their bar are all pale but with it being a Robinsons’ pub, L soon moves onto bottles of Old Tom. We take one of those and a nice dark Anchor Porter back with us to the tent.

(Thursday 30th June)

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