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Saturday 25 June 2016

A Late Replacement

The cancellation of this weekend’s Milton Keynes Agility Show has scuppered L’s plan of doing Leighton Buzzard Parkrun, so we draft in a late replacement as L and I head off to do the Melton Mowbray one instead. I run with MD who doesn’t seem up for it and we are well off the pace.

The cancellation doesn’t scupper L’s planned post-parkrun trip to visit her sister and I drop her off at Melton station where she gets the train down to Cambridge. They have a day of punting on the River Cam planned and possibly some covert wine sipping.

The station is packed and it turns out this is because the Flying Scotman is due through. The boys and I don’t hang around to bark at it, apparently it’s not planning on stopping anyway.

Back at home we attempt to cut the lawn but it promptly starts to rain. So we wait for it to stop and then wait a couple of hours for it to dry out. Then just when we’re about to try again it rains again.

I give up and head off to look at bathrooms. I take the boys with me as it’s still lobbing it down and don’t give much thought to them in the car until I notice through the bathroom showroom window that the sun has come out again. I have to abort my discussions to go and open some windows for them before the RSPCA does it for me. Damn weather.

The man at the bathroom place seems amazed that I’ve been allowed out bathroom shopping on my own, so he’s sceptical when I tell him everything’s sorted and L will rubber stamp it all when I bring her down tomorrow.

When L gets back in Nottingham all punted out, I meet her train and we head to the Golden Fleece for drinks, where there’s nothing dark. Then the Peacock, where the OP is tasting off again, and then the Room With A Brew where Stockport Brewery’s Stock Porter is very nice and number 49 on my list.

(Saturday 25th June)

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