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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

An Unscheduled Diversion

I cycle today and it doesn’t rain. Quite a novelty.

L is in London today for work, I just hope she closed the stair gate properly before she went.

Both boys are actually behind the gate when I get home, so it seems she did, Either that or they’ve temporarily lost the knack of jimmying it open.

L has a stressful day in London and seems to be reneging on a promise to drag me off to bed later, supplanting it with an offer to drag me off to the pub instead. Pub or bed? What a dilemma! So we do both, naturally.

The former is done sat outside the Vat & Fiddle with both dogs off their leads because I didn’t bring them as I didn’t expect this unscheduled diversion. So that’s traumatic obviously but soothed by dark ale number 47 which is Burton Bridge Bramble Stout.

Three to go and then I can go back to the pale side.

(Tuesday 21st June)

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