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Thursday 23 June 2016


L does her bit for democracy and heads off to vote. I voted last week by post, so all the last minute debate passed me by. Not that I tend to change my mind on things anyway.

Although when I take the car in for its MOT and service, I wish I’d changed my mind about that. When they offer you four months interest free credit you know it’s going to be bad.

L is at physio but when I enquire afterwards if she's still banned from running she gives an evasive answer. She says she didn't ask, so she doesn't know and will start her illicit running tomorrow.

We have a dog club committee meeting tonight which goes well and without argument, which is a surprise. Then when I get home L has done a roast, on a Thursday I ask you.

I stay up to watch the first referendum results come in and very quickly it’s not looking good, so I head off to bed hoping things will improve over night.

(Thursday 23rd June)

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