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Monday, 31 January 2011

With His Mouth Taped Shut

This morning I walk the dogs. Having, sadly, pushed L out of bed and ushered her off for an early gym session. It’s a pleasant walk, that L won’t believe, although a very cold one. -5 on the thermometer. MD is a saint... told you L wouldn't believe it, although we didn’t see any other dogs. Just two cyclists, a few pedestrians and a man in his own garden but he was fine. L reckons I must have taped his mouth shut. I suppose I did have his halti so tight that he could barely breathe.

It’s in the news that girls learn better at a temperature of 24C whereas boys work better at 21C. Blimey I usually have our heating set at 18C. No wonder L is always asking me to warm her up. Still, that works for me.

The transfer window closes today. Not that I’m expecting much activity from Derby. We don’t normally do permanent deals, so it’s not really deadline day for us as loans can still be done until March. Something needs to be done though, unless a few players come in a relegation battle is highly likely.

The news today is that we’re going to sell our best left back which will further destabilize an already dodgy defence and reduce squad numbers further. Dark days indeed.

My legs must be ok. As well as managing a walk with the dogs this morning, I’ve also managed to hobble around Sainsbury’s. Now there’s just the matter of running round a dog course tonight.

(Monday 31st January)

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