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Wednesday 25 April 2012


I think we're all thoroughly sick of this drought now, so go away and stop raining please. We now have flood warnings in the supposedly barren south-west.

To top it off I was too sluggish leaving home and missed the bus, which was then slow as it had to weave around the flooded areas of the A52. Late for work. To top that off I have my running kit with me, so that I can run in the blessed wet stuff later. Joy.

The weather does tease me a touch, fining up nicely during the afternoon before going deathly black overhead just before home time.

At least L’s had a good day at work ‘I can't decide whether to throw myself out of the window or go to the gym’. The latter may be more beneficial to her health.

I run quite a long way, three blocks (in the 'trade' they call them bricks) of three miles, so nine in all, if my maths is correct. I get the bus the last few miles, although at first I don’t think the driver is going to let me on. He gives me the sort of disgusted look that anyone would give a damp bedraggled person who is about to make their bus seats very wet. I give him a look that tries to say ‘I’ll stand up if you wish’. The nice man lets me on.

(Wednesday 25th April )

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