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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Being Nosey

Doggo goes out for walk in his orange sock and seems to cope ok. Secretly we think he's rather proud of it. Although it’s now a slightly soggy, muddy, orange sock but even so MD will still want one the same.

I’m on the bus because after work I meet up with my old school friend for a few beers and on his insistence a curry. Not that I protested much.

We swap medical problems. I feel rather outdone with just my gammy leg compared with his portfolio but I’m not jealous.

Aren’t mobile phones great for being nosey, which is why I never ring anyone on mine in public. My journey home is livened up by overhearing the amusing saga of two teenagers being grounded via mobile for being late home. Good old parents. All due to the excessive punctuality of the Red Arrow. They were on time for the previous bus but the Red Arrow left early (as it often does) and they had to wait an hour for the next one. Good old Red Arrow, we’ve all been there.

The dogs welcome me at the door as I get home, pleased to see my pockets stuffed with left over naan bread but I’m sure they would have greeted me anyway.

(Tuesday 3rd April)

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