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Tuesday 10 April 2012


A busy lunch time collecting L’s bike and doing some shopping. It’s amazing how much bike servicing now resembles car servicing. They always find something extra, you really ought to have this done... and there isn’t even an MOT test for bikes.

Then I have a pleasant evening throwing a ball in the mud for the mudballs, giving MD the chance to top up the dirt that is still encrusted in him from yesterday. Doggo seems to manage to indiscreetly dispose of his somewhere, on our bed usually, but MD likes to hang on to his despite the fierce brushing I give him tonight.

L’s at book club this evening, where I don’t think many of them were keen on the last book they were set to read. As punishment they get sent home with a right tomb of a novel, that will keep L quiet for weeks.

(Tuesday 10th April)

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