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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Don't Ask How We Are

Don't ask how we are’. Ah. I won’t then but L tells me anyway. This morning they were ‘escorted’ off the park by a pack of six deer, or the ‘bloody things’ as she calls them. Ah. An eventful morning for them then.

As is mine. I get a puncture; well I suppose it was about due. Of course I should have hushed this up and I certainly shouldn’t have told L. Not just as I’ve had her bike serviced and she’s preparing to relaunch her cycling career. The very thought of a puncture sends shivers down her spine. She'd rather be attacked by a heard of female deer.

I have my swimming stuff with me but the thing is I’m expecting another puncture on the way home because I rushed the tube change and when I do that I usually end up trapping the inner tube and yep... damn. I fix it again, take my time this time, do a better job, make it home but skip the swim.

There’s not really time now, not with dog class, where MD is brilliant. If only he could do that at shows.

(Wednesday 11th April)

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