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Thursday 5 April 2012

Not A Job To Be Taken Lightly

Daughter’s visit home proves to be a brief one. This morning she’s on the train heading back to Sheffield for a job interview at Bramhall Lane football ground. Although I understand manager Danny Wilson’s job isn’t in jeopardy.

What this? Ah, she’s left us her suitcase to take up on Saturday. That’s nice of her. Looks like our ‘possible’ trip up at the weekend has become more definite.

I didn’t even get chance to brief her on the complex matter of dog feeding... It’s not a job to be taken on lightly. Munchies for Doggo, muesli for MD with a little water, not milk. Old git sprinkles for Doggo’s joints and bran sprinkles for both of them. Then there’s the biscuit for dessert. Forget that and MD will wear out the kitchen tiles with his pacing.

Daughter is soon texting me bank questions... so I assume she’s filling in a form, which sounds promising. Yep, she’s got the job. Starts Saturday, at home to Bournemouth.

Squash tonight, form the first time for ages. It goes ok, I don’t have any adverse reactions, injury wise. Score wise, not so ok.

More success at the cycling, another gold for GB with the women Team Pursuit trio breaking the world record twice on their way to gold.

(Thursday 5th April)

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