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Saturday 21 April 2012

Fashionably Late

I lay in bed, deciding to arrive fashionably late at Lincoln and ad-lib our first course without pre-walking it.

When I arrive an hour late, it is to discover that they have delayed the start by about an hour due to a recent cloud burst. The good news is that I get to walk my first course after all, the bad news is that we now have nothing to do until lunchtime. I should have stayed in bed for another hour.

Perhaps it was a good job we got to walk that course after all. We bag 5th place in what is a qualifier, meaning we're into the final in September, although I’ll wait for written confirmation before I brag too much. We win some dog food and also create a clash with our proposed runs in either the Nottingham or Bristol halfs on the same weekend.

L is out on her bike, a real one. My phone rings and it's L. Oh no, puncture I think. There’s no one there, it’s just one of those heavy breathing calls. I assume she’s pedalling and has called me by accident. At least there's no puncture.

Just after lunch it starts hailing. Doggo is up next but suddenly isn’t looking so keen. Nor am I. Some of the hailstones are as large as marbles, then the thunder and lightning starts.

It subsides and Doggo negotiates an icy course to go clear. No rosette this week though. 17th.

By now it’s a mud bath around car park and a mini Glastonbury around the walkways but the competition rings remain in good condition. MD completes his day with a scrappy clear - 21st, an even scrappier 5 faults and then a complete mess up of a good last run. Which I'll accept was all my fault.

We head home covered in mud but clutching our prized rosette and dog food.

(Saturday 21st April)

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