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Friday 20 April 2012

Being Fluid

The legs are tired this morning; it must have been a harder squash game than I thought.

I'm hoping for a night out tonight but plans are fluid, as in flexible, not as in just fluids. Although I do have the inaugural Wollaton Beer Festival on my agenda but also as the weather isn’t quite so wet today, hopefully I’ll get the boys on the park first.

Then when I get home L is doing that lying on the bed looking seductive thing again. Best laid fluid plans and all that. The boys still get on the park and then we amble down to the Beer Festival at the cricket club. Bargain drinks at £2 a pint. Some decent stuff, a few 5%ers, Sarah Hughes Ruby, Burton Bridge Stout. Not enough seats though but that’s common for beer festivals. L isn’t too impressed and there’s nothing that sensational so we finish off in the Admiral Rodney where the Broadside tastes a little yeasty, perhaps not quite ready, but still very morish.

(Friday 20th April)

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