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Monday 2 April 2012

Self-Harming Dog

My leg is a bit stiff after yesterday’s little excursion around Reading but generally ok. So I guess it can be classed as a success. It’s interesting to see some of the media reports of the event and some wildly exaggerated participation figures. Some reports say 20,000. Sloppy research. The results clearly state just over 13,000 finishers and I’m sure 7,000 didn’t drop out.

At work my boss has gone part-time at very short notice, he only told us on Thursday. This means a load more work comes my way... nice. Soon our whole company will be on a reduced week.

Doggo has been self-harming, chewing the fur off his elbow. I think it’s his way of dealing with a touch of arthritis. The solution is he now has a nice orange sock covering it, taped at the top and bottom with surgical tape. It'll give him something new to chew on if nothing else.

Dog class and there’s no slowing MD down tonight. He’s also rather accurate as well as fast. All very promising for the new season which starts on Friday. All he needs is a decent handler. I was awful tonight.

(Monday 2nd April)

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