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Thursday 19 April 2012

Den Of Iniquity

While L’s workplace is clearly a den of iniquity as she ponders which end of the king size bar of Galaxy to start at, ours is a palace to good health as someone carries a huge tray of mixed fruit in to our office. Pineapple, melon, strawberries and grapes, all naked e.g. not in muffins. We’ve had visitors but they never eat the healthy stuff. I bet they scoffed all the sausage rolls or took them home for their dogs.

I get home from work and contemplate if there’s a park sized weather window before squash. Nope. We manage a bit of training in the rain instead. This drought is dreadful.

Squash has been scheduled for the late shift of 8.15. Not that that's particularly late. We used to play 5-a-sides that kicked off at 10pm but my opponent will probably arrive tonight in his slippers.

0-5 but kind of close. He crawls through the last game and I’m supposed to be the injured one. He's even allowed out late for a drink.

(Thursday 19th April)

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