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Monday 30 April 2012

Stand Up And Gorp

There was no waking any of the triumvirate that I share a bedroom with this morning and this was a weekend without activity. No runs, no dogs shows.

L tells me of her visit today to Bravissimo, the stand up and gorp bra shop, where they assess their customer’s measurements by simply looking. The mind boggles. I wonder if they just line up all their customers and do them all at once. Perhaps not. There are no job vacancies by the way.

In the evening, L is out running in Ockbrook whereas the boys and I are dog training. Not that we have a trainer and only four people turn up. Apparently there’s some mildly important match on TV tonight. So it’s a cosy and frantic session. Both boys get a spin and crawl back to the car, so job done on the exercise side at least.

(Monday 30th April)

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