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Wednesday 6 June 2012


Back to work today, which isn’t too bad I suppose, what with it only being a three day week.

Meanwhile L lines up what if probably the first of many salads for the post-holiday detox.

I cycle in to work, in what isn’t bad weather but the journey home could be completely different. L, after getting wet twice, once intentionally in the pool, once unintentionally on her bike, asks me to let her know which bus shelter I want collecting from.

As it happens the rain abates, the weather fines up and the sun comes out for 5pm home time. I even put my shades on, and then have to take them off again when I can no longer see through the spray. So it was a bit of a ‘damp’ cycle home after all but soon I’m home with a four-legged towel drying each leg. Odd characters these dogs.

I offer Doggo, who hates the rain and particularly the thunder, to stay at home whilst I take MD to training but he won’t have any of it and braves the elements for a bit of boot sitting.

MD obviously feels it’s good to be back at training and puts his life, soul and larynx into it.

(Wednesday 6th June)

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