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Saturday 9 June 2012

The Venue Of Choice

Another weekend, another dog show, another day at Catton Park. Seemingly the venue of choice for most local dog clubs these days.

MD produces his usual single error in each of his first two runs. A pole down in the first one, an inexplicable weave problem in the second. I blame him but naturally he blames me, as a consequence we’re soon both back in the car sulking.

My father turns up to offer moral support and L texts to say ‘warm up over, you stop messing around now’.

Reinvigorated and high on caffeine (well I am) we have another go and a clear round is produced. Only just though. MD really really didn’t want to go into the tunnel and I had to practically go in it with him to get him there. Then miles out of position, I had to run around the back of said tunnel, wasting precious seconds, to find MD waiting for me at the other end, enquiring whether the big wooden thing in front of him (the next obstacle) is where he's suppose to go next. Yes.

We come third, 1.5 seconds behind the winner. If only...

The next course, in the same ring, has the same finish, so to avoid the same problem I swap sides at the previous obstacle so that I can more easily direct him into the tunnel, with my foot if necessary. The only problem is the previous obstacle is the weaves and MD decides he doesn’t like me changes sides whilst he’s weaving and stops half way. So back to the car we go for another sulk.

We have one more run, which didn’t go terribly well either and then Doggo gets his run around the veterans. Which is a rather straight and boring affair. Some judges think older dogs need straight and boring but these tend to make for fast courses. I think most older dogs prefer something that needs more thought, rather than speed which they no longer have in abundance. We come 5th. Not bad but outside the rosettes.

We stay in tonight as we have a ridiculously early start tomorrow. They want us in Warwick for the Two Castles race by 7.50am and it’s only a 10k. Being AF also won’t do L any harm as she says she still feels odd after her blood donoring. Not as bad as I would have felt, it would have taken me weeks to get over handing over a pint or so. She’ll have more blood back in her system to soak up the beer by tomorrow.

(Saturday 9th June)

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