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Monday 11 June 2012

Revengeful Mood

England have their first game of Euro 2012 tonight. Not that I’m going to get to watch it. There’s dog training tonight and I have a dog that really does need training. I’ve also managed to get a rare late appointment at the dentist. Funny that, you usually have to book weeks in advance to get an evening appointment, anyone would think there’s a match on or something.

Then, rather frustratingly, the managing director at work announces that he’s going home at four to watch the football, so if anyone else wants to leave early too they can. It’s good to have a boss who’s into these things. Cue mad scramble for the doors, including even non-football fans that see a golden opportunity when it’s offered to them.

Damn, I should have booked the dentist for earlier. I seriously consider ringing up to try to blag an earlier appointment.

L says I should be concerned because the dentist is Irish and they got a thrashing by Croatia last night didn’t they. Hope he’s not in a revengeful mood.

In the end it’s so quiet; I’m in and out in five minutes and soon off to dog class with Roy’s boys on the radio.

1-1. Not a bad result.

(Monday 11th June)

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