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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Give It A Miss

Running home from work clearly worked so well for England on Friday, that I do it again today, only in the dry.

This time I get home precisely an hour earlier than on Friday. I didn’t run any faster, it’s just that buses turned up when they were supposed to and didn’t get diverted by fallen trees.

England squeeze through by playing an English sort of game. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that we have an English manager getting the team to play in an English sort of way, rather than a foreign manager trying to get us to be Spain. Not rocket science.

I feel we should be eating something Ukrainian as we watch this but I’ve no idea what they eat in the Ukraine. Apart from Chicken Kiev I suppose... which apparently was Marks and Spencer's first every ready meal back in 1976...

A quick google reveals a typical Ukrainian diet consists of a lot of bread, dumplings and cabbage. Think we’ll give it a miss.

(Tuesday 19th June)

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