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Friday, 8 June 2012

Life Without Nipples

I’m not looking forward to my run tonight. Last week L was rescuing me because of the heat, this week it could be because of the rain.

My fears aren’t quite realised. The run isn’t too bad, at least it stays dry and I finish the Jo Nesbo book about the snowman and the man with no nipples. It’s because of some disease or something. I can’t imagine life without nipples.

After doing the usual 8 miles or so I get the bus the rest of the way. It’s my first trip on the R4 since it’s become the ‘i4’. The name change is seemingly only so that they can have lots of puns written up up on the side of it. Such as ‘I am the bus for you’ etc.

The much heralded new buses are actually much the same as the old ones, just with reupholstered seats. They still have those silly sideways seats where every time the bus goes around a corner you end up on somebody else’s lap. Yes I know they’re for pushchairs and wheelchairs but surely there’s a better way. I'm surprised they pass Health and Safety laws.

L walks the boys down to meet me because she says the boys are getting lazy and fat. I don’t think either of them has a problem with that but it’s for their own good.

Tonight, a night in with the first night of Euro 2012, TOTP and Punk Britannia. Punk Britannia is an interesting new three part series on punk rock. It doesn’t really reveal anything new but there’s some interesting interviews with the old punks themselves.

I've been trying to work out what the Euro 2012 logo is. Looks a bit like a cabbage to me.

(Friday 8th June)

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