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Saturday 23 June 2012

Pretty Pretty

It's the almost excitingly named 'Dogs Unleashed' at Bakewell today. Including all manner of doggy sports:- Terrier racing, Flyball, Gundog scurry and of course agility.

Sadly most of the showground is underwater. So I can’t really see the general public turning up but turn up they do, in wellies. Although it's not actually that muddy, bizarrely enough, just submerged.

Also unbeknown to me, the start has also been put back an hour until 9.30. So I could have had an extra hour in bed, had I read my show info.

I have decide that the problem with MD, well one of them, is that I have been pushing him too hard to get this illusive win to take us up to Grade 4. Instead of winning we're simply collecting faults. So today I take it steady on our first run.

The result. A clear round and second place. Yay, so not a bad start.

Meanwhile L’s credit card is up in Sheffield helping Daughter celebrate her birthday, which is on Monday. L goes along to keep it company.

MD has a good second run but we went really wide on one turn. So I pushed hard to make up time but MD had a better ploy, missing out a jump, which didn’t go down well with the judge. 5 faults. Yet the time would have been fast enough for third, even with going back to get the missed jump. So shouldn’t have pushed.

In Sheffield L is buying porn erotica for Daughter. Not that book? Yes that book. The 50 Shades thing. Never one to miss out on such hype/controversy/porn erotica, we shall cast our ear over the audio version on the way to Scotland next week. Should make the journey wizz by.

MD's last run is tricky than it first looked and MD misses his weave entry, as do many other dogs and then I forget the twiddly bit in the middle, so we pick up an elimination.

Then Doggo gets 6th in the Veterans to round things off.

We pick L up from the train station. Then stay in to prepare for tomorrows half marathon. Spain v France is on the TV. Spain are pretty pretty but pretty pretty dull. They won’t let France have the ball but don’t create more than about three chances themselves all game. Very selfish of them. I think their chances of retaining this trophy are overrated but what do I know.

(Saturday 23rd June)

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