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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It Didn't Rain On Our Parade

The sunshine has remained with us for the whole long weekend and it’s only as we head back into England that it starts raining again. I understand back home the weather rained on everyone's Jubilee parade, so clearly we picked the right destination.

It’s been a rather long trip up from Nottingham to Benbecula for the one race... 1100 miles... but we weren't disappointed. It's a good job we enjoyed it because we're back on the islands in a month’s time to compete the Heb3 challenge.

We've have a rather dark, morbid, slightly chilling thing with us in the car all the time. Jo Nesbo. Well one of his book’s ‘The Snowman’ which we’ve had on audiobook. We’ve not quite finished it, so we’ll end up doing so this week separately.

Back home, I think we should round things off with a takeaway curry.

(Tuesday 5th June)

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