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Wednesday 20 June 2012

A Pleasant Dry Evening

Daughter continues her walking adventure with the Ramblers today or the Grannies as we call them, she is the youngest by 30+ years. Age wise that is.

I hope they are gentle with her. Old people are very fast walkers.

Random updates are pinged our way by text. She’s actually up at Bolsterstone again. Funny how things work out.

She seems to enjoy it and finds out all about the war. They’ve even asked her back. Kilimanjaro next.

I head into Derby after work to meet up with my old school colleague. There’s usually three of us but the other chap’s at the cricket. He had expected to be with us, as naturally we all assumed the cricket would be rained off but oddly, it’s a pleasant dry evening.

(Wednesday 20th June)

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