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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Homeless From Saturday

Today's bike to work was very good but very unfamiliar without the rain.

L has tasked herself with fixing the guttering at home, supposedly man’s work I guess but she’s a game lass. Now there’s a gap in the deluge she has chance but first she has to clean out the three inches of mud in there. How can mud climb up on to the roof and into the guttering... one of life’s mysteries.

Then it starts raining.

L has entered the Holme Pierrepont 10k tonight, which is the first part of the Grand Prix series that we usually do but we’re away for the other three races.

Now she no longer sounds as keen as when she entered. Just a training run, I tell her, as I watch from the sidelines having wimped out myself.

Then, in what is an exceptionally busy week, we hotfoot it over to Leamington to collects Son’s stuff. He’s homeless from Saturday. At least we’ll have a dog sitter for the Olympics.

(Tuesday 26th June)

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