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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Party Trick

The Queen is in Nottingham today. Which is nice, although she’s spending most of the day in Basford I believe. I think she needs to have a word with her travel consultant.

I cycle again and even go to the pool for a swim. I’m not very excited by the prospect but need to get my one a month in to get my cash back.

L is pumping iron again tonight. After she’s done a run. Then she’ll be asleep in her tea. MD and I have dog class. Then he’ll be asleep, not in his tea but after he's eaten it.

Doggo will just tag along I guess and perfect his new party trick. He’s developed a way of scratching and licking the same leg at the same time. It’s just like that trick of rubbing your stomach and patting you head at the same time, it’s not supposed to be possible. The things you can perfect when you spend so much time boot sitting waiting for your owners.

(Wednesday 13th June)

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