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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Rebellious Rampage

I risk the bike and overtake L out walking the dogs. In fact she’s just picking herself up from having slipped on some ice. This makes me even more cautious than I already was but I don’t find any ice, I think she slipped on the only patch. The roads are just wet and getting wetter as it starts to rain on me. It’s not that pleasant but it’s still better than driving and then trying to find somewhere to park.

It’s L's Christmas meal today, which is bit early really. I hope she doesn’t get too drunk and then goes on a rebellious rampage through Waterstones, hence breaking the ban on additions to the book pile.

I have ruined our Saturday lie-in. After the floor man didn’t turn up for a second time I sent him a snotty email causing the guy to ring me up to apologise and grovel a bit, offering a discount etc etc, should ewe give them a third chance. So I’ve booked him for this Saturday at 10am because I’ve got an early 1pm kick off to go to. Well it’s got to be easier than trying to get someone else to come out. That is, if he turns up.

(Tuesday 4th December)

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