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Thursday, 13 December 2012

End Of An Era

As I’ve said the council have promised to collect our old three piece suite this morning, yeah right. Actually, what’s this... a bin lorry? At 7.20am? It’s not even light yet. I’m well impressed.

It's the end of an era. I feel quite melancholy and almost shed a tear as I watch it go in the crusher. I’ve had that suite since I moved in, in erm... 1994 and it was second hand then. It’s seen some, ahem, action, over the years. In its better, more frivolous days that is, before practically every spring in its structure gave out leaving it in the end as basically just a cloth covered frame. In fact I can't believe it held out as long as it did. ‘Held out’ being a bit of a loose term.

I also suspect there’s still some money and teaspoons wedged in there somewhere. Although to be fair to the old thing, we have had a few drinks on the proceeds of turning it upside down earlier in the week.

I take the bus to work again. Taking into account my accident record, I reckon it’s still too icy to cycle.

Squash is also (oddly) a victim of the weather. A water main has burst at Portland and the centre is closed. It’s a shame really because for once it might have actually been quite cool on court.

(Thursday 13th December)

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