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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The World’s Eldest Puppy


Someone from the dog club has had one of her two collies run into her little non-collie dog and break its leg in two places. OMG.

Meanwhile Doggo has destroyed L’s jeans. OMG. He's the world’s eldest puppy and he’s not popular, in the slightest. MD is though, he’s been basking in being the most popular dog in the house for a few weeks now and his halo has just got even brighter by proxy.

Total traffic chaos on way home. I get home at 6.30 and I’m due at squash at 6.45. I quickly pat the boys and then after a whirlwind superhero style change of clothes, I join a massive and unexplained queue along Queens Drive. Then of course the Embankment is shut, as I already knew, for tram works. I rush on to court 25 minutes late.

So it’s a very short match in which we manage to cram three very fast games. Speed squash anyone? I hope L’s exercise schedule went better than mine today.

(Thursday 6th December)

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