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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christening The New Carpet

MD looks ill, that is when he isn’t looking un-ill and being as playful/noisy as usual. He manages a park session but that is before he treats us to a second vomiting display in two days. This time on the new carpet. When I pick him up to carry him into the kitchen, he aims at the new footstool. Nice.

Something else that happens twice in two days is my attendance at the gym. This time L’s ‘personal trainer’ isn’t there so I don’t have to fend off any sensible advice. Just 10k on the bike this time but followed by 2k on the rower, which wasn’t pleasant. When I attempt a warm down jog on the treadmill I start to feel faint and my knee flares up in sympathy. Time to pack it in I think.

Then it’s time to play Santa and exchange presents with my brother’s family.

(Sunday 23rd December)

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