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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Famous Last Words

On the bike again today and it’s perfect conditions for it. Famous last words. No sooner am I five minutes into the ride home in the evening than the heavens open. Then comes the question whether to stop and kit up for the conditions or to press on. Delaying on this dilemma quickly makes the dilemma irrelevant as what is the point of putting dry waterproof clothes on top of wet clothes. I press on, getting wetter and wetter but warmed by the fact that I’m passing loads of static traffic that I would have been stuck in had I driven.

L’s Twelve Days of Fitmas has added Russian Twists (which I thought was a vodka based cocktail - perhaps it is) and a 3k dreadmill run. Even I think it sounds tough and it’s only day five.

Tonight is the dog club’s Christmas fun night, that I’ve been roped in to co-organising. Unfortunately all the games we organise seem to involve a lot of running and not just for the dogs. I also end up running two dogs myself, MD and another I’ve borrowed. A bloody fast one as well, that I have to try and keep up with.

What with cycling today as well, I’m well knackered, as is MD. Doggo isn’t though, he spends most of the night as a distant observer and will be a pain when we get home.

(Wednesday 19th December)

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