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Friday, 28 December 2012

Frazzled Friday?

Despite being early for one of the two buses, I miss it. It was earlier than I was and I watched it pulling off as I walked up. So I had to wait half an hour for the next one. At least it had stopped raining by the time I reached Derby.

L’s back at work to be greeted by the burglar alarm going off and a tradesman claiming to have the wrong code. There’s nothing so exciting at my place, even if it is Frazzled Friday, well, according to the Daily Mail. Something about today being the day the overindulging comes home to roost.

I do actually have a tub of Quality Street here all to myself to overindulge on but I can’t manage it. I just don’t really like milk chocolates. Now if they’d been plain...

Daughter goes back to Sheffield today, so we give her a lift. All of us, the dogs and even Son. We make an evening of it. We had contemplated a Chinese takeaway at her place but thinking of her house, it might be warmer to eat out... We hit what appears to be the food Mecca of Sheffield, albeit a slightly sleazy one, the London Road area.

I have an evil hot Chinese, which reminds me of the one I had two New Years Eve’s ago. Son has an evil massive Chinese, while L and Daughter have very long winded hot pots. Son has finished, well kind of, it was unfinishable due to its size, before the girls’ meals even arrive.

(Friday 28th December)

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